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Deep Green Aeration, LLC.

Professionalism, Quality, Satisfaction

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Professionalism. Quality. Satisfaction.

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Professional Services

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Snow Removal

Saftey first

Hate the cold? We can help. Deep Green Aeration, LLC. has been one of the most trusted names in the industry. Hire us for your Snow removal and Ice management needs. We cater to the request of each commercial / residential client, ensuring the results you need and deserve.

Lawn Aeration

Healthy roots...Healthy lawn!!!

Your lawn needs to breath! Overtime lawns become compacted from foot traffic or dried out from over exposure to the sun. Aeration creates 2-4 inch inlets in the lawn allowing for air and water to access the grass roots, creating a beautiful green lush lawn.

Lawn Mowing

A Healthy lawn is a regularly maintained lawn.

Allow us to assist you with regular Mowing, trimming, and edging of your yard. We recommend a lawn height of 2.5-3.0 inches. Our dark and clean edge-up helps bolster that deep green look that neighbors will envy.

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Pruning and tree trimming

Create some Curb Appeal

Bushes or trees wayy overgrown? Have us to re-shape, clean-up, and haul it away.

Fertilization/Weed Control

Get your yard back

Feeding your lawn is the key to establishing healthy green grass.
Used regularly as part of your lawn maintenance program, nutrients will help for a thicker and greener lawn where weeds and moss are less likely to take hold.
We provide 5 treatments in 5 week intervals beginning in Early Spring thru Fall.

Leaf Removal

Keep your grass Alive

Fall/Spring maintenance is essential to a healthy lawn. Not performing routine leaf removal creates a weighted/over-moistured turf that welcomes fungus/disease. 

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Mosquito Control

Entertaining Guest?

Outdoor Wedding, Backyard BBQ, Night-time sporting event??? No matter the occasion, keep the environment for Guest and Furry friends pest free. We help to control Mosquito's, ticks, Gnats and many other unwanted bugging' pest.

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